Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Mothers Day orders.

We are still taking orders for your mothers day blooms :)

To order please call 07841755110.

We no longer have a credit card machine but can accept secure payments via our paypal services.

Monday, January 27, 2014

Another Silver...and a bronze! woo hoo!!

I am absolutely thrilled to have been awarded a Silver and a bronze award from the 2013 Fusion Flowers International Designer of the year competition. Fusion Flowers magazine is on of the biggest magazines in the industry.There were over 220 entries from all over the world with less than half being awarded prizes. 59 Bronze and only 17 silver,  7 golds and 4 Platinum.

Each year we are given Titles. It is then up to us to incorporate each design to how we see it. Judging is based on technique, colour, over all composition, flower quality and idea.

This years judges are all fabulous designers and personal favourites of mine. Baudouin Roelants from Belguim. Annette Von Einem from Denmark and Alec Segura from Spain.

I was awarded a Silver for Circles and a Bronze for cascade.I have entered the Fusion competition four times now and this is the first time I have been awarded higher than a bronze - so you can only imagine how delighted I am!!


Monday, January 20, 2014

We do love a good wedding!!

Weddings have always been my speciality! However, now that I have gone freelance it means I can dedicate even more time to creating your stunning wedding flowers!

Every bride to be has their own idea's, styles and budgets. That is why I arrange consultations to to get down to the nitty gritty details! Every wedding is created individually and catered to the requirements of the bride. Hence why we don't have a set price list. There is just no way that every bouquet can be priced exactly the same. So many factors are taken in to account.

*Season availability
*The size of the bouquet
*The details in the bouquet
*The types of flowers

Above are just a select few that affect the costings.

So whether you have visions of a classically romantic bouquet of roses, a shower bouquet to compliment your lace dress, or something completely off the cuff to tie in with your creative out look...I can guarantee that we can create the perfect floral attire to suit your needs!

To discuss any idea's that you have, or to book a consultation, give me a call on 07841755110, email Amanda@Amandasflorist.co.uk or drop me a message on my facebook page .

I can't wait to bring your idea's to life!!


RHS Chelsea 2013

After attending the RHS Chelsea Scottish heat in November 2012, I was delighted to be announced as the Scottish Representative in the BFA RHS Chelsea Florist of the Year category at the RHS Chelsea flower show in the May 2013. After being there in 2013 I had a little bit more of an idea of what lay infront of me!

The brief we were given was "To design and Create a never ending circle to represent someone or something connected with RHS Chelsea" So who better choose than the man himself, founded of the RHS Chelsea flower show as we know it, Sir Harry Vetich.

Using seeds and flowers brought over to the UK by plant gatherers hired by Sir Harry Veich I created my version of the never ending circle.

After the long drive to London I got started and spent two straight days with barely any sleep bringing all the aspects together. After set up on the Wednesday night, it was home to sleep for a few  hours before returning to the Grand pavillion at the show ground to await results.

You can imagine my delight when I was presented with my second RHS Chelsea flower show silver medal. Absolutely thrilled and over the moon! It just goes to show that hard work and grit determination does pay off!!

I cant thank everyone enough for all their help and support, right from qualifying to the help I had hanging my piece on the build up night ( I was still a little unsteady on my leg after rupturing my achilles tendon in the November! )

As usual it was breath taking to be part of such a prestigious and world famous event. All the competitors designs were fabulous. The whole Paviilion had us marveling at it's wonder and the gardens outside were indeed show stoppers!

If you have never been to the RHS Chelsea Flower show, I would most definitely recommend it, it is out of this world!

My finished piece

 My medal!! 

The RHS Chelsea Florist of the Year competitors 

All change!

So I've very much neglected the blog, and for that I am so very sorry - please forgive me!!

As many of you will know, the shop as you knew it no longer exists. I have gone freelance. Nothing much will change apart from the fact that I won't have a constant stock of flowers, so if you require something please let me know as soon as possible so I can order in especially for you!

Secondly, as part of my new business plan, it also means that I will also be working away from home and with other florists and other designers. This means that I won't always be able to complete orders that havent been booked in advance. So if you're first in the diary with your wedding or your event then fantastic, you're booked!

To contact me now, you can either do it via the e-mail address Amanda@Amandasflorist.co.uk or you can call 07841755110. Don't forget I still have Our facebook page where you can get in contact with me, though email or telephone is the quickest way to get me as I may not always have access to facebook.

Working this way allows me more time to concentrate on not only improving my own floristry skills, but also bringing them directly to you in your orders!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Mothers Day Mayhem and going direct.

Well....where on earth did that come from?? Two days of fabulous chaos! We are still recovering from working over 40 hours with only 2 hours sleep in between. It turned out to be our busiest Mothering Sunday yet. So a big thank you to everyone who ordered flowers. Unfortunately we did have to start turning orders away staring Friday evening. Please please please always order your flowers in advance to avoid disappointment.  Living so far north we don't have the same access to wholesalers so we can't just pop around in the morning to top up our stock.Our nearest supplies is 104 miles away :( So that's your warning for next year ha ha.

Many people are left with a sour taste in their mouth when it comes to sending flowers on Mothers Day though ( Not with us ) with flower senders.One in particular has made headlines this week "Interflora" They have left hundreds of customers around the UK and abroad without their deliveries.
What a lot of people don't realise is that Interflora is an actual company. They make a healthy profit from the florist's pockets and their customers. Just because you have sent an order via interflora doesn't mean that it is executed by an actual shop either. So many of their orders are sent from warehouses. Where most likely the bouquets have been sitting pre made up for more days than anyone would actually like to think! So surprise surprise the ones that do actually get delivered aren't always up to far.

There is an exellent way to solve this problem. Order direct from your florist. There are no cuts in prices, so that £40 bouquet you ordered actually arrives as a £40 valued bouquet...Interflora ( or any other networks such as eflorist. Iflorist, Bunches. etc ) haven't taken their cut from it.

Go direct folks....it will save you money in the end and quality is more than likely miles better! Keep your florist on the High Streets!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Bespoke Funeral Designs.

This last week we have been asked to make two very different sympathy designs. One family asked us to create a casket spray which looked as though it had grown on top of the casket and represented the Caithness country side. She wanted the design to look almost like a verge from the side of the road. We used mostly foliage to create the piece but added in some Daffodils to create a spring like look and to add a splash of colour.

Our second request was to make a floral replica of a gentlemans yacht. Having a picture to copy from and then going down to see the yacht at the harbour we got to work creating the piece.

Over the years we have been asked to create a vast range of designs. From 3d salmon,3d tractors, 3d sheep, 2d pictures of tractors, fish and even a swan. We love creating something unique and special which represented the life of the families loved ones.